I’m Caitlin, and for clarity’s sake, I’m not a hooker. I just like to fish, and that little play on words piqued your interest. And ta daa! Now you’re here reading about me and my adventures!

I’m a Portland, Oregon native (a rarity nowadays), so I’ve grown up appreciating the outdoors my whole life. As a kid, my dad taught me the value of patience (and packing good snacks) while waiting for a fish to bite. As an adult I’ve found myself turning to fishing more for the peace and quiet, as much as the thrill of feeling the bite.

My doggo, (the famous) Amos

Fishing has been a great way for me to get out into the Spring, Summer, and Fall sunshine, with my dog, who is a huge part of my life. He loves “helping” me land any fish I bring towards the shore. Not to mention he loves patrolling the shoreline for wayward sticks that should be brought ashore (who let all these perfectly good sticks float out into the lake in the first place?!). My cat benefits too, because he gets a break from his brother, “the dog,” while we’re out, AND he gets fresh fish when we get back home. Win/win for him. We’re a weird little family, and not what you typically think of when you think of an avid fisherman, but here we are nonetheless.

Roman, my cat, and his old friend Chloe

The further I’ve gotten into the fishing world, the more I’m learning about the variety of fish there are to be caught, and the endless techniques there are to catching them! Steelhead, for example, can be caught a million and two different ways… as long as they’re biting that day. The ghost fish is what they call steelhead, or the fish of a thousand casts… ain’t that the truth! The water levels, clarity, and temperature all factor into it. I’m no expert, far from it, but I love fishing. Now I’m finding that this passion is taking me around the US, and even the world, to learn about the species and techniques beyond the Oregon Coastal and Valley region. Join me as I hook my way around world!